Complation of SCANROC website

Jul 3, 2019 | News

SCANROC NEWS | SCANROC.UA website underwent significant modifications to provide the most accurate and detailed information regarding the company products

The work done:

Ukrainian version completed. Steps taken to accomplish this task:

  • professional photography of the entire range of facade tiles,
  • correction of the color of each tile specimen according to the original,
  • making textures separately for each stone [12 to 48 textures for each stone name – 3 formats and 2 textures in each color],
  • 3D modeling of facade tile arrays, creation of world scenes, rendering,
  • 3D modeling of systems, rendering,
  • graphic design (about 3000 illustrations),
  • website engine development,
  • semantic content
  • and much more.

The site will be translated into Russian and English soon.

Project estimate:



  • 500 hours of highly skilled labor
  • Purchase of expensive equipment
  • Purchase of professional photo tools
  • Purchase of software

$5 500.00