Multi-storey and High-rise Building Facade Design Cost Calculation Request

For a preliminary calculation of the design cost, please fill out the form below and send it to SCANROC.

Be sure to specify whether designer supervision is required. In case of ordering this service at extra cost, the installed facade will be covered by a warranty if all the remarks of a SCANROC representative are in place.

For further designing prepare the following materials:

  • Architectural building project [section AP or P], preferably in *.dwg format
  • Approved paper or digital facade data sheet *.pdf
  • Terms of reference [in a free form, but from which it is possible to clearly understand the requirements; be sure to get our assistance with the final ToR version]
  • Geodetic survey [highly needed]


To receive a substantiated and full answer, please fill in the following fields

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Designer supervision

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