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Easy and reliable solutions

Designing high-rise buildings is a complex process, so SCANROC strive to create simple yet effective solutions. We suggest you look through SCANROC Technical Solutions Album before starting the facade design

Design support

In attempt to create comfortable conditions in every aspect of communication with SCANROC, particularly in design, we provide technical support and materials for 3D modeling and naturalistic rendering of projects (models, textures)

Modern house exterior

A wide choice of colors, textures, and facade tile formats enables creation of expressive residential houses, shopping or office center with a height limit of 100 meters.

SCANROC ventilated facade looks like a masonry of face bricks, but it is light-weight (about 50 kg/sq.m) and much better in terms of energy efficiency

SCANROC facades also look impressive in combination with other facade materials and are easy to interface and fit together.

Facade – variety of shapes

SCANROC facades are very reliable and durable systems. They enable almost all types of architectural forms (external and internal corners, bay windows, columns and semi-columns, slopes and semi-circular walls, etc.) to be formed.

One of decisive arguments in favor of SCANROC ventilated facades is simple cladding of garage doors (ultra-long floors above openings where no force triangle is formed) and corner windows with overhanging walls.

SCANROC ventilated facades are considerably more durable than plastering systems.

Color harmony

We took care of the possibility of selecting facade tiles harmoniously by color. Enjoy!

Project: an easy task


To prevent disturbing mistakes in facade design, follow our guidance in the technical documentation that has been carefully developed by a team of SCANROC design engineers


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