Since 1999, SCANROC has been a dutiful producer of ventilated facades

SCANROC is a foreign investment company.

SCANROC – curtain-type ventilated facades with high thermal efficiency and superb aesthetic attributes. A number of innovations and profound changes were introduced as a result of scientific development both in the bearing metal structure and in the facade tiles themselves, which in turn increased the system reliability, durability, and decorative properties.

SCANROC is successfully expanding into foreign markets under the influence of macroeconomic factors and has its own representative offices in Central and Western Europe.

Both production facilities and head office of the company are located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

SCANROC vision

We see our future in symbiosis with modern architectural tendencies as the highest manifestation of people’s need to realize their own housing and urban planning vision

SCANROC mission

We assist architects in implementing their ideas, facilitate work for technicians and builders, and help the end customers to get lovely and comfortable homes

SCANROC principles

We adhere to the values of synergy both inside and outside the company. We believe that the key to success lies in reliability, well-coordinated operation and openness

SCANROC philosophy

We create simple yet effective and reliable solutions for construction

SCANROC history

Building market of Ukraine could not offer domestic high quality energy-efficient building materials as of the mid-1990s, and overall construction culture was poor. Construction materials imported from Europe were not affordable for the large majority of building contractors. Back at that time, demand for energy efficient techniques and materials for civil engineering was becoming more obvious.

Realizing the current situation and following an in-depth analysis, we decided to introduce an innovative cladding technology – curtain-type ventilated facades that should have met the following criteria:

  • high reliability,
  • high thermal efficiency,
  • high aesthetic properties,
  • easy configuration,
  • easy design jobs,
  • easy installation,
  • affordability.

In 1993 we founded SCANDY Ltd distribution company, which supplied foreign-made building materials to construction companies for about 7 years. In 1999, SCANDY focused on production of its own high-quality energy-efficient facade systems.

In 1998 we decided to place our production site in Kyiv, Ukraine. One of the reasons was proximity to the main construction center at that time and equidistance from other regions of construction projects concentration. The same year, after negotiations with technology suppliers, we started construction of the plant for production of curtain-type ventilated facades. The main process equipment was supplied from Sweden.

The plant was fully built in 1999, pre-commissioned, successfully passed semi-production and production testing, and the first pilot product batches were manufactured. Every step toward perfection was introspected and studied by us.

SCANROC trademark was registered a little later. SCANROC facade systems were rapidly gaining popularity and as of 2005 the sales structure already included considerable share of exports to neighboring countries such as Russia, Belarus, and other countries.

SCANROC brand became so much recognizable in the early 2000s that it becomes a common noun denoting all ventilated facades that other manufacturers started to produce in Ukraine.

SCANROC plant quickly reaches its design capacity and operates first in 2 and then in 3 shifts. All production cycles are automated, the logistics and sales systems are in place.

SCANROC expands its dealer network and sets up its own permanent representative offices in Slovakia and Belarus before 2008. The first SCANROC European office was opened in the Czech Republic.

During 2010-2011 SCANROC implemented all the accumulated potential through reconstruction, upgrade of existing lines and construction of a new production. The innovations involved not only changes in design of the system, but all the raw materials as well. We have received a number of SCANROC patents and have protected them in the European Union. Upgrades continued until 2013 with installation of the up-to-date German equipment.

Today SCANROC is the most innovative company with high production capacity and high growth rates due mainly to the development of the European and Scandinavian markets. SCANROC system for multi-storey residential construction projects was for the first time delivered to Australia in 2019.

The company has produced more than 5 million sq. m of ventilated facade systems since foundation.

Construction projects using SCANROC facades

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