SCANROC for private residential houses

We offer easy and effective solutions

Easy to design

Design of SCANROC facade system for a private house is quite straightforward process. Just follow the simple instructions and drawings provided in SCANROC Technical Solutions Album. Competent composite team can cope with it

Easy to build

It’s a fairly simple process to install SCANROC ventilated facades in low-rise houses. Just adhered to the installation rules, strictly followed routine procedures and design solutions to succeed

Modern house exterior

A broad range of SCANROC facade tiles colors, textures, and formats enable you to build an expressive house, shop or any other building.

SCANROC ventilated facade looks like a masonry of face bricks, but is much better in terms energy efficiency.

One of the decisive arguments in favor of SCANROC ventilated facades is simple cladding of garage doors (ultra-long floors above openings where no force triangle is formed) and corner windows with overhanging walls

There is no need to extend foundations for SCANROC facades

SCANROC facade systems do not need a foundation since they are attached directly to the wall. SCANROC is therefore the only right solution for narrow foundations without the need to extend the foundation. Extending foundation, e.g. for brick facing, is a complex and expensive process where failure to follow the process can result in formation of cracks in the brick facade.

SCANROC ventilated facades are relatively lightweight (approx. 50 kg/sq.m) compared to bricks and are considerably more durable than plastering systems

Color harmony

We took care of the possibility of selecting facade tiles harmoniously by color. Enjoy!

Briefly about SCANROC installation


Mark the facade according to the instructions, install the angle brackets and crossbars according to the marking. Then attach thermal insulator to the wall and vertical posts to crossbars. Hang on the facade tiles and that’s all! It takes about two weeks to fit a medium-sized cottage without any wet processes. Simple and reliable, for years to come


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