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  • Designing
  • Installation

Design by SCANROC experts plus installation by a certified installation contractor are the two prerequisites for the official 30-year SCANROC warranty for the entire installed system

SCANROC means professional competence, experience, and fidelity

SCANROC design works

This offer applies to multi-storey and high-rise residential and business buildings, shopping malls and other buildings where highly professional and sophisticated facade design is required

List of input information needed to commence facade design

  1. Architectural building project [project section AP or P], preferably in *.dwg format
  2. Approved data sheet in hard copy or electronic format *.pdf
  3. Terms of reference [no special form; however the document shall contain clear requirements; be sure to get our assistance with issuing the final ToR version]
  4. Geodetic survey

List of documents and services that you will receive after projected work completion

  1. Design documentation package (calculations, drawings, etc.)
  2. Item list (specification)
  3. Designer Supervision [under a supplementary agreement]

Example of drawings provided in the design documentation

current project excerpts

SCANROC facade system installation by certified contractors

Option 1. Hire a certified installer ready for work

SCANROC cooperates with companies that employ staff who have completed training and passed examinations. We recommend these companies to cooperate with. The cost calculation application of the installation works can be submitted and sent to the respective partner company.

Option 2. Train own workforce

In a long-term run, your own trained and licensed staff is occasionally essential for installing ventilated SCANROC hinged systems. In this case, the relevant specialists will conduct a multi-day training to be ended with mandatory exams. For this, please contact SCANROC representative in charge of your company.

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