Very often there is a need to match several colors of a front tile (front stone) next to it in order to assess the harmony of their combination.

We offer a simple, but effective tool SCANROC COLOR THEME, which will help you find exactly those collections of facade tiles, which requires your architectural design.

Below you see four windows.

  1. Hover over any of the windows – arrows will appear “left” and “right”.
  2. Press the left mouse button (or finger on the tablet) on the arrow and select the appropriate color.
  3. Hover over other windows and do the same.
  4. Now you can compare colors with each other.
  5. At any time, you can click on the “+” button on the image and in the new tab, a page with the selected facade tile and its visual accompaniment will open.

[the color of the tile display on the monitor may not match the actual color]

We wish you creative success!

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