SCANROC Installation Systems

Ventilated energy-saving stone (tile) clad facade sets | VFS [Ventilated Facade Systems]

Purpose of SCANROC VFS installation system:

SCANROC VFS ventilated curtain facade is mounted on the walls by attaching an externally mounted metal frame. SCANROC facade tiles are attached to the frame. Thermal insulation layer is secured in internal frame spaces.

The choice of one or the other VFS structure depends on the wall material and the need to use thermal insulation to attain the necessary thermal conductivity strength Rr.

SCANROC VFS systems are patented.


SCANROC VFS system shows high reliability and durability.


All SCANROC ventilated curtain facade systems are certified in Ukraine, Western Europe, and other countries.


SCANROC ventilated facades are exported to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Scandinavian countries, Baltic countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Denmark, Holland, and even Australia.

SCANROC VFS system types

The most common system. Designed to install insulated facades onto all kinds of walls, except those made of low-density cellular concrete

Designed to install insulated facades onto low-density (D<600) cellular concrete walls

Designed to install uninsulated facades onto almost all types of walls. Most commonly used in cottages to finish auxiliary structures

System for erecting highly reliable, durable and good-looking fences. An outstanding alternative to stone fences, but without “wet” operations. Features a simple design

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