A five-ton fragment of the facade collapsed from a height of 10 meters in the Czech Republic

06.04.2020 | News

No casualties. But there is something to think about

A fragment of a facade weighing about 5 tons collapsed on a busy pedestrian passage. It happened in Pilsen, Czech Republic. It is a great fortune that no one was injured as the incident happened early in the morning.

This incident was possible for several reasons:

  • poor quality products;
  • this system of facade insulation is not intended for multi-storey and high-rise construction;
  • the design was carried out with gross errors;
  • violation of technological processes of installation, etc.

Our Tips:

  • use only time-tested insulation systems;
  • use the services of design and installation specialists who are certified by the manufacturer of the insulation system;
  • choose a comprehensive provider of insulation systems, not different suppliers of its individual elements.


Krimi – Plzeň

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