Warranty Declaration
SCANROC obligations

System at the pick-up point

In the case of organizing the delivery of components of the SCANROC system to the customer using their own transport, the SCANROC company is fully responsible for:

  • fulfillment of delivery dates according to the terms of the contract;
  • ensuring a complete set of the SCANROC facade system according to the Specification to the contract both in quantity and quality in accordance with the applicable instructions P-6 and P-7 or other regulations specified in the terms of the contract.

In case of customer pickup of the components of the facade system, the transfer of responsibility is at the SCANROC shipment warehouse.

In other delivery options, the transfer of responsibility is governed by the rules of INCOTERMS-2010.

In all cases, if defects are detected during the acceptance process, you must immediately notify the SCANROC manager who is conducting your agreement, after which you will receive a short instruction on further actions. Defective components of the facade system that are discovered cannot be further unpacked until the time of the preparation of the Complaint Act with the mandatory presence of a SCANROC representative.
Все дефекты на этой стадии можно разделить на три группы:

  • defects arising from violation of the rules of loading and unloading;
  • defects arising from violation of the conditions of transportation;
  • manufacturing defects.

System at the warehouse / construction site

System components located at the construction site or at the storage warehouse should be stored in accordance with the SCANROC Storage Conditions.

In case of detection of component defects during storage, a representative of SCANROC should be called to draw up a Complaint Act. The packaging must not be damaged.

System in progress

Installation of components of the SCANROC system should be carried out in accordance with the Design of the facade part of the building and in accordance with the Rules for the installation of ventilated facades SCANROC.

If defects in the system components are detected during installation, you must immediately notify the SCANROC representative, postpone packs with detected defective components, and follow the instructions of the manager conducting your agreement.

All defects at this stage can be divided into the following groups:

  • latent defects that appeared in case of violation of the conditions of transportation, loading and unloading, not detected in the process of reception and transmission;
  • defects that have arisen in connection with violations of storage conditions after receiving the system components to the warehouse;
  • unlikely, but, latent defects that appear due to disruptions in production processes;
  • defects arising from sloppy installation;
  • defects that arose due to inconsistency of the installation technological processes with the Rules for the installation of SCANROC ventilated facades.

System in operation

All defects during operation can be divided into several groups:

  • defects in the bearing part of the structure (subsidence of the foundation, violation of the geometry of the walls, etc.), which caused the deformation of the facade plane;
  • defects in the facade due to improper design of the facade system;
  • defects of the facade associated with negligence of installation works, violation of the Installation Rules, deviation from the design of the facade system;
  • defects in the façade associated with vandalism regarding the façade.
SCANROC provides a guarantee that it can test

7 year warranty on
system components

According to the DSTU standards, the guarantee for the components of the facade ventilated system is 5.5 years, but the SCANROC company provides a voluntary guarantee, fixed in the contract:

The warranty period for the system is at least 7 years from the date of commissioning, provided that the consumer observes the rules for operating the system.

30 year warranty on
SCANROC facade system

I. Warranty Statement

The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the supplied products for 30 years. A guarantee provided outside the statutory warranty period is provided due to the fact that the purchase of a product is a long-term investment of the building owner and significantly increases the value of the property. During the warranty period, the manufacturer guarantees that the product will not have the disadvantages listed below under the conditions set forth below, and that under normal use under normal climatic conditions, it will have properties in accordance with its mandatory technical standards and generally binding legal norms. The manufacturer voluntarily assumes obligations that comply with the standards of the European Union. Liability for defects during the first two years from the date of delivery of the product is governed by generally binding legislative provisions, especially Law 2099/2012 Coll., Civil Code as amended and Law 634/1992 Coll. On the protection of consumer rights, if the buyer is a consumer.

II. Warranty Content

1. The manufacturer, in addition to his contractual obligations, delivers a first-class quality product, guarantees the quality of the supplied products for a limited period of 30 years from the date of delivery of the product under the following conditions. This guarantee can be transferred to any other owners of the real estate on which the product was installed, provided that this guarantee and the original check (invoice) are transferred to the new owner of the property and transferred to the manufacturer, and the rights under this guarantee are transferred to the new property owner.

2. The warranty is that for the duration of the warranty:

  1. a) the product retains its own structural integrity and appearance,
  2. b) does not reduce its properties under the influence of frost,
  3. c) protects property from weather fluctuations and performs the function of active protection.

III. Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. This warranty applies to the use of the product during renovations and the construction of new structures.

2. This warranty does not apply to defects resulting from improper use, use of unauthorized and unusual construction procedures or construction procedures contrary to technical standards, changes in the fundamentals of construction or construction in whole or in part, use in contravention of the installation instructions contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition, this warranty does not apply to defects caused by vandalism, accident, earthquake, flood, explosion, fire, impact of foreign bodies, acid rain, not characteristic of Arctic frosts, improper transportation or storage, as well as for any other reasons for which the manufacturer could not have a direct impact.

3. The warranty shall be terminated if the owner of the property does not allow the manufacturer or the persons designated by him to carry out product analysis and testing.

4. The warranty covers the following conditions:

  1. a) the installation of the facade system is carried out by an entity whose employees have been trained by the manufacturer on how to install the SCANROC system;
  2. b) at the time of installation, the certificate of training was valid;
  3. c) the installer of the SCANROC facade system provided the manufacturer with a properly executed plan for the installation and inspection of the SCANROC facade.

5. In the event of a defect in the delivered product within the first two years from the date of its delivery, the manufacturer is obliged, in the case of substantiating the claim, to deliver a new product for free or to provide a discount on the price of the fair claimed part of the product. Delivery of a new product means replacing a certain defective part of the facade system with a new one, and not replacing the entire delivered facade system.
6. Starting from the third year of the warranty, in the event of a justified defect, the manufacturer is obliged to deliver a new product or part of it to replace the defective product or part thereof or provide financial compensation in the following amount, set as a percentage of the initial purchase price:

Thirty Year Settlement Model:

  • for the third year of warranty – 80% of the initial purchase price, including VAT,
  • for the fifth year of warranty – 70% of the initial purchase price including VAT,
  • for the tenth year of warranty – 50% of the initial purchase price, including VAT,
  • for the twentieth year of warranty – 20% of the initial purchase price, including VAT,
  • for the thirtieth year of warranty – 5% of the initial purchase price, including VAT.

7. This warranty does not oblige the manufacturer to pay any costs or losses incurred in connection with its use, and is not legally subject to performance.

8. This warranty is valid only if the entity installing the facade system for the end user pays all its obligations to the manufacturer in a timely manner.

9. In the interests of the end consumer, the manufacturer has the right to require the entity installing the facade system to provide a document confirming the certification of the manufacturer and the absence of obligations to the manufacturer.

10. This warranty is provided free of charge and is not included in the purchase price of the product.

11. By issuing this warranty certificate, the manufacturer confirms that the conditions set forth in this warranty certificate have been met.

Operation at no cost
100 years old

All components of the system are designed for a long service life and have approximately the same life cycle.

The operation of the SCANROC ventilated facade system does not require any additional costs other than pressure washing once every several years (depending on the degree of environmental pollution).

Warranty Sheet

30-year SCANROC voluntary warranty



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