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Effective facade

Excellent appearance with low weight, simplicity of the device and high adaptability of construction work with the absence of wet processes are direct advantages of SCANROC systems.

High thermal efficiency of SCANROC systems corresponds to energy efficiency class “C”.

The absence of wet processes greatly reduces the time of facade cladding and the influence of the human factor, reduces labor costs and financial costs

Simple, Guaranteed Solutions

SCANROC systems have simple designs, so installing our systems is a simple process, but a responsible one.

SCANROC's philosophy is based on simple engineering solutions and guaranteed high aesthetic and operational properties of the facade.

30-year official guarantee from SCANROC for the installed system, subject to the design of the facade by SCANROC and installation by a certified team

Tall building - stucco facade or ventilated?

Let us dwell on the main advantages of the SCANROC ventilated facades in relation to plaster systems:

  1. Reliability and overall endurance of the entire system.
  2. Earthquake resistance and resistance to movement of fragments of wall structures, which is especially important in off-site construction.
  3. Fire resistance.
  4. Resistance to fading of color under the influence of UV radiation, preservation of appearance for decades.
  5. Excellent maintainability and the ability to flush vandal inscriptions.
  6. Appearance imitates brickwork well, and the use of facade tiles from the DELUXE collection represents a type of flashing firing, which is not available to any other material except for elite clinker bricks.

Therefore, the SCANROC system of ventilated facades is a unique facade solution, with a not too significant price transition


Which walls can the SCANROC ventilated faсade system be attached to?

For installation of a ventilated facade system SCANROC, no foundation is needed. These systems are relatively light (about 50 kg / m2) and they are mounted directly to the wall.

SCANROC facade systems are mounted either directly in the wall material of the enclosing structure or in the floor slab, if low-density aerated concrete is used as the wall material (D <600)

Each wall material has its own SCANROC KEFSVOK fixing system

Private sector - brick or ventilated facade?

That's a very difficult question. Therefore, please consider this opinion.

Facing a facade with brick is a complex process. Firstly, not every bricklayer is able to lay out high-quality masonry, so such specialists in the market are in short supply.

Secondly, a modern energy-efficient brick system is an expensive and complex design, because it has a reinforcement system inside the masonry, stainless elements in the anchoring, a complex ventilation system and a high probability of clogging of the ventilation ducts with mortar residues during inaccurate bricklaying, which is more than likely.

Thirdly, in the presence of a “narrow” foundation, on which it is impossible to lean on the front layer of brick, the SCANROC facade system is the only alternative to brickwork, since it is attached directly to the wall. Building a foundation for facade masonry is not a good idea, since it is technologically difficult and expensive to do it correctly, or it will lead to cracks on the facade (load differences, different shrinkage of foundations, etc.).

SCANROС ventilated facades are a simple and effective solution. Currently, SCANROС company is developing a collection of facade tiles made of ceramic clinker in cottage formats, which will further expand the design properties of the system


Private sector - plaster or ventilated facade

All materials have a right to exist. But the choice of one or the other depends on your own tastes and financial capabilities. Regarding financial possibilities, we can say that the transition from plaster to a ventilated facade SCANROС is not very critical in the total cost of the project, but the investment attractiveness and appearance of the house are becoming much better.

Important differences of SCANROС facades from plaster systems, in our opinion, are:

  1. Significantly greater durability.
  2. Easy and simple repair of the remnants of the system after construction.
  3. Excellent imitation of brickwork, especially when using facade tiles from the SCANROC DELUXE collection

30 year official warranty

According to the terms of the contract, SCANROС provides a 7-year extended warranty on components of the SKANROK facade system and, in the case of design and installation work by certified organizations, provides a 30-year warranty on the installed system.

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During the use of stucco facade systems with insulation, they showed a large number of shortcomings. At the time of creating the SCANROС facade system, these problems were fixed, analyzed and ways to solve all the shortcomings were found. As a result, the SCANROС ventilated facade system was created as the facade of the future. Some flaws could not be avoided, but critical and important problems were eliminated. Therefore, we believe that the SCANROС ventilated facades are perfect and ultramodern.

Implementation of the solution of the problems of stucco facade systems in ventilated facades SCANROС

Plaster facade systems with insulation

[problems found]

Ventilated facade system SCANROС

[way to solve the problem]
Lack of comprehensive warranty

Warranty periods are provided separately for the components of the plaster system, and not comprehensively for the finished facade

SCANROС system warranty - 30 years

The comprehensive SCANROС guarantee is provided on the mounted facade according to warranty obligations

Short life cycle of a plaster system

A thin protective plaster layer (3-5 mm) is quite thin and brittle, which also reduces the durability of the plaster system.
Under the influence of precipitation, temperature changes, the movement of individual elements of the walls (panel construction and off-side systems), squalls, large hail, etc., cracks, chips and other defects may occur in the outer layer of plaster. Through them, moisture enters the system, which leads to jamming of the insulating layer and a decrease in the thermal properties of the system. It also affects the appearance of spots on the facade of the house.

SCANROС facade systems life cycle - 100 years

All system components are made of high quality materials with a long service life.
The thickness of the protective layer (tile) is 30 mm, it can withstand a bend load of more than 60 kg / cm2, which significantly exceeds the performance of a thin and rather fragile protective layer of plaster. SCANROС systems reliably protect the facade, even under conditions of heavy squally wind loads and extreme precipitation (for example, large hail).
SCANROС systems use advanced Scandinavian technologies

The performance of plaster systems deteriorates over time.

Plaster systems do not have a system for removing moisture from the inside of the system, since all layers are tightly adjacent to each other. This leads to:

  • wet insulation that reduces its thermal properties,
  • the destruction of the plaster layer from the inside under the influence of water vapor passing through the wall outward and abutting the plaster layer,
  • fungus and mold inside or under the system,
  • an increase in humidity inside the system in winter will lead to the appearance of microcracks in the plaster layer and its breaks, through which moisture will subsequently enter

Polyfoam, widely used in plaster systems as a heater, is a combustible and vapor barrier material. Polyfoam creates a barrier to the exit of water vapor, created as a result of life, through the walls from the premises to the outside. This is the reason:

  • reducing the thermal insulation properties of the material of the wall itself,
  • the appearance of mold between the insulation and the wall.
The performance properties of SCANROС systems do not change over time

The design of the SCANROС ventilated facade systems and their great reliability and durability reliably protect the entire system from moisture getting inside it, and the ventilation duct effectively removes moisture from the inside of the insulation layer.
This design ensures constant dryness of thermal insulation and preserves the energy efficiency of the system throughout the entire operation period.

SCANROС facade systems use non-combustible mineral heaters, which, in addition to excellent thermal insulation characteristics, also have good vapor permeability properties.
The creation of conditions by SCANROС systems for the removal of water vapor from the inside of the room gives them excellent environmental properties, which are a prerequisite for creating an optimal indoor microclimate

Low durability of plaster systems to the movement of walls and dynamic loads

Plaster systems are sensitive to the movement of individual wall blocks (panel and off-side structures) and to the foundation subsidence. As a result of these movements of the wall, cracks and chips appear on the facade.
With large dynamic loads arising from a squall wind, large hail, the plaster facade system can be damaged - the destruction of the plaster layer or even the separation of the entire system from the wall.

SCANROС ventilated facades are resistant to operational wall deformations and have high seismic resistance

Physically, earthquake resistance, resistance to static and dynamic loads, resistance to wall deformations from subsidence of the foundation are associated with a rather high elasticity of the SCANROС facade system itself.
these properties are especially revealed in structures built according to off-side technology and in panel construction, in which ventilated facades are almost the only facade system that can be recommended for use.
SCANROС facade systems can be used on walls up to 100 m high. This significantly exceeds the capabilities of stucco facade systems.

The appearance of plaster systems deteriorates over time

The color of decorative plaster fades over time, spots, chips and cracks appear on its surface under the influence of the external environment (see above)

The appearance of SCANROС systems remains unchanged

The appearance of the SCANROС systems is constant throughout the entire life cycle. This confirms the large number of buildings lined many years ago.

There are restrictions for the performance of work on the arrangement of plaster systems

Facade works on the arrangement of stucco systems have the so-called “wet” processes that impose temperature restrictions on construction work - from +5 to + 25 ° С. This makes it impossible to perform facade work in the winter time.

The installation of facade systems SCANROС has no restrictions

Installation of SCANROС systems is not limited by temperature conditions - they can be mounted both in cold and in hot weather.

Low maintainability of plaster systems

Repairing a plaster system is a rather complicated and labor-intensive process, requiring complex operations based on “wet” processes and selecting the color of paints taking into account their burnout

SCANROС facade systems are easy to repair

There are no "wet" processes. Absolutely simple process of replacing damaged tiles - knocked out the old one, installed a new one. Replacement tiles can be used from those remaining from construction or ordered at the enterprise by calling the company or the nearest dealer.


We follow five simple principles in the development of our products.
We pay special attention to the reliability, durability of the structure and its appearance.


Simple classification of installation systems

Clear instructions


Simple solutions

A large number of tile colors


Simple communications

Simple logistics


Simple, reliable and quick installation of all systems


Easy replacement of system components

You can flush vandal inscriptions



High aesthetics of the facade


Frost resistance


UV resistant


Lack of efflorescence


Floor limit up to 100 m


Fire resistance


Environmentally friendly materials


High seismic resistance


Weatherproof installation


Easy installation, no wet processes


High maintainability


No additional costs, no grouting

All SCANROС products, including packaging, are easy to dispose of and are processed


Paper and cardboard packaging is recycled as regular waste paper.


Pallets and other wooden parts of the packaging are processed like ordinary wood or recycled


The plastic parts of the packaging and tape are recycled like ordinary plastic


The metal subsystem waste after trimming is processed as ordinary scrap metal


Tile waste after cutting is treated like ordinary construction waste.


They trust us


Over the entire period of operation of the enterprise, more than 5 million square meters were lined. facades that you can see and evaluate their condition after decades of operation.

SCANROС is a reliable system.

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