Rainscreens mean high quality and reliability!

Today SCANROC rainscreens are the best building thermal insulation systems in terms of price/quality ratio.

An active air channel between the thermal insulation and facade stone is a unique distinctive feature of SCANROC rainscreens.

Due to the temperature difference between the warmer air inside the channel and cooler ambient air, the air upflow so-called draft is formed.

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Advantages of SCANROC

All major components of SCANROC System are manufactured at modern plant in Ukraine using advanced Swedish technology and high quality raw materials.



SCANROC rainscreen systems can save up to 40 % of energy during heating and cooling seasons.


A wide variety of colours and easy installation system provides unlimited flexibility for building exterior design.


SCANROC rainscreen is designed for 100 years of operation in the harshest environments and has long term of successful application experience in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Installation of the System requires minimal workers qualification and does not contain wet processes, so it can be carried out year-round.